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We understand that not everyone has the time to give their dogs the exercise they need. That's why we're here to help! Some of the benefits of doggy daycare include:
  • Mental stimulation

  • Socialization

  • Peace of mind

  • Exercise

  • Alleviates boredom

  • Can reduce anxiety

  • Outdoor access all day long

  • Constant supervision

  • Improves confidence

  • Improves sleep

Dogs who participate in daycare are better adjusted, less stressed, healthier, and happier.

Here at Paradise Pet Resort, we focus on playtime and exercise in two separate playgroups. Dogs that join us for daycare enjoy spacious indoor/outdoor supervised group play, and are divided out based on size for maximum safety. 

Prior to utilizing our daycare services, we require:

While we do  not require the following, we highly recommend:

  • Flea & tick preventative

  • Occasional fecal testing

Did you know?

Our daycare packages never expire!

This means that you can enjoy the discounted rated packages provide without the stress of ensuring you're getting your money's worth!

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